Ivana Varesko is an international documentary photographer born in Croatia. She grew up in a creative family, her grandma being a studio photographer and her grandpa a cinematographer. After getting a Masters degree in Creative Documentary Film in Ireland she moved back to Croatia where she is now based.

As a hopeless romantic, cinephile and a book-worm, with love for natural light and unconventional frames, she built a style inspired by directors such as Bergman, Godard, Pawlikowski, Herzog and Wes Anderson. She devours photography books of Saul Leiter, Bruce Davidson, Vivian Maier, Graciela Iturbide, Fred Herzog, Fan Ho, Josef Koudelka, Elliott Erwitt, Ernst Haas, Sergio Larrain, Ferdinando Scianna, William Klein, Harry Gruyaert and Robert Frank.

Her work was published in Harpers Baazar, IGNANT, UN - FAO, Designboom Magazine, Fast Company, Mold, Buro.